Useful Links

Here are a few lists of websites and resources that I can share. These got effective information and tools to keep your little ones busy. From crafting to learning, parenting, and working from home tips.
I hope y’all moms find these useful.

Resources for your Kids

Art Projects – A great site for kids where they can get resources for drawing with fun and easy tutorials.

Creative Drawing – Sharing this because I love the blind contouring drawing technique and shadow tracing. It was so fun and funny at the same time to do with your kids.

DIY Printables – Paper dolls, disney princessess, pre-school crafts, Christmas arts, and other free printables.

Kids Learning Portal – Kids can learn online and have fun at the same time! Though you may have to pay for a subscription I think it’s all worth it. My daughter loves this platform.

Kids Books – Free Ebooks and stories to read for your kids

Resources for Parents

Coronavirus Parenting Challenge – got information on how you can take care of kids with disabilities especially now that it is pandemic.

Nursing Basics – a useful page for new moms to help them understand the importance and great effect of breastfeeding on babies.

Positive Parenting – got useful information about your child’s development. I love this one especially that information for 0 to 4 years old as these are the ages that are critical for a child’s mental, social, emotional, and physical developments.

Screen Addiction – Useful advice for tackling device addiction, managing gadget and internet use, and creating healthier digital habits for your kids

Stages of Development for babies – Get to know your baby’s development according to their age

Home Renovation – home improvement ideas for upgrading and organizing your home without spending a lot of money. You can choose your own design and keep your ideas in place.

Teen Parenting – This got informative content that’s relevant for teen parents and discusses the importance of a parent’s mental health.

Resources for Moms and Parents Who Work Online

Fiverr – This is another platform for freelancers. The only difference is here I work per project not on an hourly basis. Each project they call it a gig.

Grammarly – a very effective tool that checks your grammar and suggests corrections if there’s anything wrong with it. Registration is totally free but you will have an option to upgrade.

Indeed – Get all the jobs online, easy to search through and Free!

Upwork – find freelancing projects of all kinds, so far the most secure platform for me.