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Tired of Spreadsheets? Here are New Ways to Organize Your Data

Spreadsheets are essential tools for any virtual assistant. No matter what industry you’re in, spreadsheets can help you organize, manage, and track almost any type of information that is relevant to your work. From inventory tracking for your client’s online store to web content management and editorial calendars, spreadsheets can truly help you organize a wide range of data.

However, while spreadsheets are undoubtedly useful, they are not the end-all-be-all for data organization. For some virtual staff, it’s easy to simply rely on the good old spreadsheet system when tasked to keep track of new data. But with so many new tools, apps, and software cropping up, it’s time to reevaluate your data organization techniques.

Could you be using a better method for organizing a specific data type for work? Whether you’re in sales or providing marketing assistance, you take your virtual assistant services up a notch with these new and effective ways to organize your data.

  • Content

Spreadsheets have always been popular for content calendars, but newer and more effective software is designed to help you build a better content calendar. CoSchedule is a good tool for creating an editorial calendar, but you can also use project management tools like Trello or Asana for this.

Tools to try out: TrelloAsana

  • Sales

For virtual assistants specializing in sales, it would be ideal to persuade your client or clients to invest in a solid CRM. Popular CRMs like Salesforce do more than just help you keep a list of leads and customers. They also allow you to see the history of each lead and foster better relationships with them. That’s why they’re called Customer Relationship Management tools!

When checking out CRMs to suggest to your client, make sure to take the size of their company into account plus other factors like their budget, number of contacts, and number of people who will be using the CRM.

Tools to try out: SalesforceHubSpot CRM

  • Marketing

Once more, CoSchedule is a great tool for tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns. It has a ton of features that can be relevant to your marketing efforts including social media calendars, analytics, email marketing, project workflow management, and so on. Analytics plays a major part in the success of your email marketing campaigns, so it’s important to find a good tool for tracking this too.

Tools to try out: CoScheduleClicky

  • Accounting

For many VAs, doing taxes can be a pain. Spreadsheets can help you track your income and expenses and make bookkeeping easier, but it can be really helpful if you were to invest in accounting or bookkeeping software. There are so many options out there that offer packages to suit every business owner’s needs. For VAs, you don’t have to have the most advanced accounting software, but anything that covers the essentials will do.

Tools to try out: Quickbooks OnlineWave Accounting

  • Idea Tracking

Keeping your ideas in one location is important if you want those ideas to actually go somewhere. For creatives and innovators, idea tracking tools are essential. From note-taking tools like Evernote to mind-mapping tools like MindMeister, there are so many options for you to look at.

Tools to try out: MindMeisterEvernote

There will always be a place for spreadsheets when it comes to data organization, but it’s important for you to keep your mind open when it comes to storing, managing, and tracking your data. If you feel like your spreadsheet just isn’t cutting it, it’s definitely time for you to look into new, innovative ways to organize your data.

This is a collaborative post from Catherine Vanvonno – CEO, 20four7va.

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