• gadget use

    Ways to Limit your Children’s Gadget Use

    These days, it is becoming usual for children as young as 2 years old to learn and spend a few hours of their playtime holding mobile phones or tablets. According to Daily Mail, 70% of toddlers are already master at…

  • child have autism
    Parenting,  Tips and Tricks

    Does my child have autism?

    The first year of a child’s life is usually a non-stop celebration of “firsts” – first smile, first crawl, first steps, first words, and even first whole night’s sleep. There are so-called milestones of development but some children weren’t able…

  • Good mom
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    How to be a Good Mom

    I think it’s just to say that each one of us enters parenthood with a set of beliefs or expectations about what it means to be a good mom. We realize these beliefs from the pressure of our areas and…