callie anders

About is a blog for all working moms like me. I am a freelance content writer from San Diego California. I do all the house chores, work, and taking care of kids at the same time. Reach out to me or just go through my blog if you’re also a working mom. This site got valuable information about parenting, kid’s development.

I love blogging, just sharing my experience here as a parent hopefully others would be able to benefit. Working while taking care of your kids is a hard task than it may look that is why my blog would get content about parenting, cooking, cleaning, and working from home stuff – basically it’s what I really do.

Cooking is what I loved most, cleaning is what I hated who would have loved it right? Parenting is the hardest part, it was hard to raise kids especially for single moms like me. I didn’t realize that part until I had trouble with one of my girls with her development. Technology has built it’s a toll on her and didn’t get that sooner that I noticed her progress was degrading and that is the main reason why I wanted to write and share my blog and experience, hoping that others who would have read it would be able to avoid the same mistake I made and keep an eye on those things I missed.

Life is great, let’s all enjoy it and savor every moment that we spend with our loved ones.