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6 Ways to Find and Generate Great Ideas

For some people, coming up with great ideas is easy and natural especially during the start of a business. Different concepts and innovations jump out of your mind without so much effort. Over time, though, those light bulb moments may become fewer and farther between. There may be times when you simply hit a roadblock, which can be stressful if you’re racing against time.

The thing with great ideas is that they often come hand in hand with good timing. You need to think of the idea and try them out before anyone else does. Being the first brand to introduce a new product or an innovation gives you some leverage especially over your competitors. It puts you ahead of your competition. That’s why being able to generate ideas when you need to is crucial to any business.

Regardless of where you stand business-wise — whether you’re on track with starting an online business or still thinking of how you can make money from home — here are some techniques to keep your creative juices flowing:

Your history

Take a look at your past accomplishments and failures. What made your successful ventures work, and what caused the others to fail? Look at them from every possible angle and find out if you can tweak something about your failed endeavors. That might just be where your million dollar idea would come from.

Outside your comfort zone

Break out of the routine and take a peek into stuff that you wouldn’t normally be interested in. You might be surprised by how much you can learn and how you can use that new information to develop a groundbreaking product or service.

Observation sessions

Look at the people around you. Observe how they interact with each other or how they go about doing things. Create stories in your head, make a note of interesting occurrences, or hypothesize about what’s happening in your surroundings. Exercise your brain through thinking, guessing, and rationalizing.


Be inspired by true-to-life stories, biographies, or even children’s stories. You might not get a business idea from this activity, but it might lead you into knowing more about certain values. It’s also a great way to practice empathy, which is important when dealing with customers.


The internet is a hodgepodge of information and interesting people. You can use it to learn new skills, expand your knowledge, or build personal and professional connections.

Outside your window

Turn your eyes away from your desk once in a while. Look outside your window and take notice of random things. Actively seek inspiration from the people around you. This would be especially ideal if your market is a specific locality. Knowing the community that makes up a town or a city will surely give you so many ideas on how to make their lives more convenient.

Part of creativity is staying curious about lots of things. When you keep on asking questions and seeking answers, you’ll also likely find a great idea along the way. And once you have your big idea and need help with putting them into action, you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant. They are reliable and professional, and their services won’t rip your budget.

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