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    Tired of Spreadsheets? Here are New Ways to Organize Your Data

    working with Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheets are essential tools for any virtual assistant. No matter what industry you’re in, spreadsheets can help you organize, manage, and track almost any type of information that is relevant to your work. From inventory tracking for your client’s online store to web content management and editorial calendars, spreadsheets can truly help you organize a wide range of data. However, while spreadsheets are undoubtedly useful, they are not the end-all-be-all for data organization. For some virtual staff, it’s easy to simply rely on the good old spreadsheet system when tasked to keep track of new data. But with so many…

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    Tips and Tricks

    6 Ways to Find and Generate Great Ideas

    For some people, coming up with great ideas is easy and natural especially during the start of a business. Different concepts and innovations jump out of your mind without so much effort. Over time, though, those light bulb moments may…

  • white paint
    Tips and Tricks

    How to choose the best white paint for your home

    Not all whites are created even. Over the past year, we’ve observed homeowners who desire to pull off an all-white interior struggle in determining the most suitable white paint for interior walls and ceilings. They thought it was simple until…

  • cleaning

    The New Normal: Cleaning Disinfection Covid19

    In April 2021, the CDC brought to light some surprising new research regarding the transmission of COVID-19. Throughout the previous year, people have been frantically wiping and sterilizing surfaces in their properties, including their own hands, in a health disinfection…

  • compressed workweek
    Working From Home

    Compressed Workweek – Is It For You?

    Did you ever hear about working four days a week? It sounds pretty great. Freelancers might be operating a compressed workweek, though, which doesn’t mean they’re running less. Instead, they’re squeezing those work hours into fewer days. It’s a standard…

  • garlic shrimp pasta

    Easy Peasy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

    When cooking this garlic shrimp pasta recipe, it makes me feel like a sumptuous restaurant chef. Even though what I’m doing is stirring noodles and just adding it with Garlic and Shrimp! This quick, easy, & healthy shrimp recipe tastes…

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    Working From Home

    Reasons Why It’s Good to be Working at Home

    Working at home has advantages and disadvantages, but the pros outweigh the cons for most people. While career paths, home office setups, and childcare arrangements may vary considerably, telecommuter’s reasons are more consistent. Spend More Time With Your Kids Working…

  • gadget use

    Ways to Limit your Children’s Gadget Use

    These days, it is becoming usual for children as young as 2 years old to learn and spend a few hours of their playtime holding mobile phones or tablets. According to Daily Mail, 70% of toddlers are already master at…

  • belgian waffle

    The Best Belgian Waffle

    Belgian waffle are a perfect breakfast or brunch staple that has converted so popularly because of their striking crispy golden exterior with deep pockets for keeping syrup and butter! My children would have these waffles every weekend, and in fact,…